Se den i Drammen


Serdecznie witamy w polskim kinie razem z nami w Drammen Kino. Piątek 29 września o 21:15. Tesciowie 2! 

Fredag 29. september inviterer vi til polsk komedie. Billetter i salg nå. 


Will there be a wedding this time? Weronika and Lukasz - the would-be young couple from the first part decides to give each other a second chance and invites the family to a wedding and a wedding reception in a seaside town. Among the guests there are well-known heroes: Wanda and Tadeusz with their dog Mirelka, as well as divorced Malgorzata accompanied by ... a dozen years younger Jan and her mother. The sea, drinks, undressed sunbathers - all this makes the members of the bride and groom's family open up more and more and throw off their masks. 

Director: Kalina Alabrudzińska
Cast: Eryk Kulm, Maja Ostaszewska, Izabela Kuna, Adam Woronowicz, Ewa Dałkowska 
Genre: Comedy 
Length 95' minutter 
Release date 29.09.2023 
Rating: 15 years. 

More information: TESCIOWIE 2 | NFkino 

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