Teater på kino

Publikum kan glede seg til ferske forestillinger av høy teknisk kvalitet, perfekte for det store lerretet. Forestillingen starter presis. Vi anmoder publikum om å møte opp i god tid. Det er to pauser (ikke på korte forestillinger).

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Velg hva du vil se
Velg hva du vil se

National Theatre Live

National Theatre Live bringer det beste fra den Britiske teaterscenen til det store kinolerretet!

With state-of-the-art filming techniques, tailored to every play, we bring you each performance as it happens, in all its glory. From close-ups that capture every flicker of emotion, to sweeping wide shots of the stage.

Whether you come along to the live broadcast, or catch one of many replays, you’ll have the best seats in the house.

And you’ll be part of something much bigger. There’ll be thousands of other people all around the world watching along with you. Sharing every gasp, every laugh, every dramatic moment.

This is theatre for everyone.

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