Colosseum kino

Colosseum kino har mottatt pris for "Cinema of the Year" i tillegg til havnet på lister over de beste og vakreste kinoene i verden! Lengre ned på siden ser du oversikt over alle prisene Colosseum kino har blitt tildelt.

Colosseum kino ble bygget i 1928, og er Norges premierekino nr. 1. På Colosseum vises de største og mest spektakulære filmene i storsalen som rommer 871 plasser. Dette er kinoen for de største kinoopplevelsene.

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Planlegg ditt besøk i Kristiansund N
Planlegg ditt besøk i Kristiansund N

Priser som Colosseum kino har mottatt igjennom tidene:

Colosseum kino vant den gjeveste prisen under Cinema Technology Awards i 2018:
Cinema of the Year – Colosseum kino
“This years awards truly recognise those organisations and individuals that are helping to create truly outstanding cinema experiences both today as well as in the future and those which put the movie-goers at the forefront of their minds when innovating. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Governors, Advisory Council and our members, we congratulate our award recipients.”
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Colosseum kino havnet på My beautiful Europe sin liste over "15 of the most beautiful cinemas around Europe":
"The Colosseum Kino is the largest cinema in Northern Europe. This cinema architecture is unique with a large spherical dome on top of it. The dome is measuring a diameter just above 40 meter which is the same as the St. Peter’s Basilica."
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Colosseum kino havnet på Travel + Leisure sin liste over "World's Coolest Movie Theaters":
"The largest cinema in northern Europe is also currently the largest movie palace in the world certified for THX—George Lucas’s premium audiovisual benchmark. Dominated by a squat gray-and-cream dome, it resembles a futuristic spaceship that’s crash-landed in Scandinavia, but it was actually built in 1921. Throughout its 90-year history, the Kino has kept up with technological advances, from pioneering Cinemascope in the 1950s to the late-1990s THX-aimed overhaul."
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Colosseum kino havnet på From The Grapevine sin liste over "Our list of the best movie theaters in the world":
"Distinguished by its large spherical dome, which is roughly the same size as that of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy, the Colosseum Kino has been the central figure on Norway's cinema scene since it opened in 1921.
Through the years it has undergone several renovations. Today, it's the largest movie theater in Northern Europe and globally is the largest THX cinema – an audio/visual standard developed by George Lucas."

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Colosseum kino havnet på det britiske magasinet Total Film sin liste over "30 Best Movie Cinemas Around the World":
"Why We Want to Go There: A giant domed roof serves a double purpose of enhancing the sound design within while also looking awesome on the outside.
The former helps to make for an incredible movie-viewing experience in what is the world’s largest THX cinema, while the latter makes the venue stand out in an already stunning Oslo skyline."

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Colosseum kino havnet på Men´s Journal sin liste over "The Top 20 Movie Theaters in the World":
"As part of the Oslo skyline, it’s hard to miss the Colosseum Kino, with its massive domed top. And while it’s just as lovely to look at from the inside; looking up, the Kino’s distinguishing architectural element also plays a key role in the auditorium’s stellar sound design.
Why It Stands Out: History, design, and technology come together perfectly at the Colosseum Kino – the world’s largest THX cinema – to offer one of the world’s best movie-viewing experiences."

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Colosseum kino havnet på BBC sin liste over "The 10 most beautiful cinemas in the world":
"Oslo’s Colosseum Kino is the largest cinema in Scandinavia with over 1,000 seats for its single screen. It also distinguishes itself for its crystal-clear acoustics. But Norwegians may know it best simply for its striking spherical dome which adds some geodesic flair to Oslo’s skyline."
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