Student Of The Year 2

  • Premiere: 11. mai
  • Action / Drama / Romantikk
  • 12 år
  • 2 t. 25 min.

Ny Bollywood på Kino. Billetter i salg nå.

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Originaltittel: Student Of The Year 2
Regi: Punit Malhotra
Aldersgrense: 12 år
Originalspråk: hindi
Nasjonalitet: India
Produksjonsår: 2019
Begrunnelse: Enkelte scener med intense skildringer av slåsskamper gjør at denne filmen får 12-årsgrense.

Tiger Shroff er tilbake!

Rohan(Tiger Shroff) is a student, athlete and kabaddi player from a mediocre Pishorilal Chamandas College. He dreams of becoming the Student of the Year by winning the Inter college Dignity Cup one day. Rohan’s life takes a turn, when he gets accepted to St. Teresa College on a sports scholarship. As Rohan tries to fit in St. Teresas, he is completely dwarfed by its hugeness. Rohan encounters the reigning Student of the Year, Manav who begins to coerce him and the beautiful Shreya and Mia who begin to fall for him. All hell breaks loose when their life gets tangled through competition, failure, manipulation and heartbreaks. Rohan is thrown out of the college only to go back to his Mediocre Pishorilal College. Badly bruised and insulted, Rohan decides to challenge Manav to win the Student of the year trophy.

Will Rohan defeat Manav to win the Student of the year trophy? Will Rohan find his true love in Shreya or Mia?

PREMIERE DRAMMEN: Lørdag 11. mai kl. 18:00.


ROHAN (Tiger Shroff)
Rohan (played by Tiger Shroff) is a spirited and talented young boy who is from a lower middle class family of Mussoorie. His life takes a turn when he gets accepted to St. Teresa College on a sports scholarship. Friendship dwells, love blossoms but there is more than what meets the eye when Rohan is betrayed and thrown out of St. Teresa. This is the turning point for him as he is forced to go back to where he came from . But with this he realises his real goal and rises as an underdog to compete in the Inter college Dignity Tournament and win the best players title being - Student of the Year cup.

SHREYA (Ananya Panday)
Shreya is the daughter of an influential man in the whole of Dehradun. She is also one of the most popular students in St. Teresa College. She’s cold, rude and arrogant. Yet, everyone want to be like her because of her wicked sense of style and attitude. Shreyas biggest aspiration and joy in life is dance. Shreya resents Rohan, when he enters St. Teresa because he is better than her. Between games, plots, twists and revenges, Shreya and Rohan start to grow a friendship.

MIA (Tara Sutaria)
Mia can be described as the ideal aspirational girl who lives to make her dreams come true. She is clear about what she wants and is highly driven and ambitions in life and St. Teresa is her stepping stone at achieving this. But she craves the acceptance of people. On Rohan’s arrival, Mia finds comfort in Rohan as he wants to help her make her dreams come true. But Mia is left in a dilemma when Rohan is kicked out of St. Teresa. She’s left on a cross road between her dreams and love.

Medvirkende: Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria, Ananya Pandey, Samir Son, Abhishek Bajaj, Aditya Seal, Manoj Pahwal, Farida Jalal, Malika Dua, Rohit Roy