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  • Premiere: 12. oktober
  • Spenning / Thriller
  • 9 år
  • 1 t. 55 min.

Pakistansk film på kino! Billetter i salg.

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Originaltittel: Durj
Regi: Shamoon Abbasi
Aldersgrense: 9 år
Originalspråk: urdu
Nasjonalitet: Pakistan
Produksjonsår: 2019

Thriller fra Pakistan!

Vises på Drammen Kino lørdag 12. oktober kl. 20:50.

The reality behind a hideous crime is yet to be unveiled as a reporter's wife dives deep within the depths of despair and darkness to seek the truth of her missing husband. Will she find her kidnapped husband?

News hits the nation with a bulletin, in 2013 claiming events that connect people living beyond the lines of humanity to survive. And digging graves These crimes were hideous in nature and the entire nation was disgusted about the event and wanted justice to prevail, and later the responsible people were caught by the law but surprisingly it turned out that there was no real punishment for this sort of crime at the time. This crime being Cannibalism (eating human flesh to settle ones starving needs) never occurred to the legislators that anyone would do such an inhumane act and hence there was no law within the country's constitution to punish that. So as disturbing as it sounds, the perpetrator wasn't charged and was set free without any major consequences. and never ever monitored by the authorities, which allowed these criminals to continue committing these crimes.

Medvirkende: Shamoon Abbasi, Sherry Shah, Maira Khan, Dodi Khan, Nouman Javaid