Corka trenera / A Coach’s Daughter

  • Premiere: 11. oktober
  • 18 år

Ny polsk film. Vises 11 oktober k. 21:00. Billetter i salg.

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Aldersgrense: 18 år

A Coach’s Daughter
A hot summer. Maciej Kornet (47) and his beloved daughter Wiktoria (17) set out on another journey
across Poland. They are up for a long series of tennis tournaments. The two are inseparable. Wiktoria
meticulously follows her dad’s routine : a strict diet, exhausting workouts, 100% focus. She is growing
tired of this and longs for some freedom. She thinks of quitting sports but is afraid to hurt her
father’s feelings. This summer, Maciej’s new trainee Igor (17) joins them on their way. Wiktoria will
find the secretive boy much more interesting than tennis, and Maciej will have to watch his own
dreams and his daughter’s plans go seperate ways.

Running time : 92 min.